6 Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend's Attention

Talking to your ex after a breakup is one of the hardest things to do…especially if you were the one dumped. You wonder when you should call them, what you will say, and how they will react. This by far the most stressful part of getting your ex back, but you can take some of the pressure off by having a good excuse to start your conversation. Here are ten ideas for grabbing your ex girlfriend's attention…

1. Ask for Help
If she has any feelings left for you then she won't leave you hanging when you need help. Maybe you need a ride somewhere, or a place to stay while your air conditioner gets fixed. Just make sure you cover your tracks because things will get ugly if she finds out you lied.

2. Offer Your Help
A slightly different approach to point #1. This time it is you who reaches out to lend a hand. What does your ex girlfriend need that you can provide cheaper or faster than anyone else? Whatever it is, don't sell it too hard or she will get suspicious. Make an offer and let it sit. She may not call tomorrow, but a really good deal is always hard to pass up.

3. Be Seen
Staying in your ex's social is circle is important. You want her and her friends to see you having fun. You have to play it cool though - no stalking. It is always best to arrive and leave before her. If you broke up as "friends" then make sure you get in some face time, but always be the one to end the conversation.

4. Share Your Accomplishments
This works well with texts and voicemails. Let her know you aced the big final or that you finally got that job promotion. Be friendly about it and don't brag. The best line is "I really wanted to share this with you because you are the only one who understands how hard I worked for it".

5. Give Her the Scoop
This is so easy with a little internet research. Track her favorite bands, teams, and television shows. As soon as some juicy news is released be the first to send a text or email link. Obviously you can only do this so many times before it loses its luster, so make sure you uncover an important nugget of info.

6. Make the Impossible Happen
Get front row tickets to her favorite concert, replace that lost set of earrings, get her the job interview she always wanted…and give it to her with no strings attached (what?!?). This strategy will only work if you make it seem like it happened naturally. Tell her you had a connection through an old friend and she can pay you back later. There is always the risk she will take it and run…but the payout is huge if you can play it cool.

Whether you use these ideas or come up with your own, the important thing is to get your foot in the door. It is not easy to spark up a conversation after being dumped, but with a little imagination you can get her to open up again.


Saeed said...

Very useful ideas and tips that can help people retrieve their ex back. Well done!

nick glendenning said...

Hi, my name is Nick. I was in a relationship for 11 months and was dumped 2 - 2 1/2 months ago. I tried the little to no contact, but it only seemed to push her further. She deleted all my contacts about 2 weeks ago, and then yesterday I got a hold of her and told her she can contact me anytime whether today or next year. Which she replied you can re add me on facebook, but I won't keep ur number because I can't deal with your control issue. See before she deleted my info, I sent her a letter saying I agree with the break up but I think we should still give some space to each other. Then the next day we worked til close together, and were alone for about 2 hours. We or done and we went home, and then she texted if I gave her aerosmith lighters. I ignored her, she texted again to which I replied I got ur message, I'll talk to u later I'm going to bed. I then got a text saying it's not cool to want to talk to me on ur terms like a control issue. The next day at work when i got a chance I told her yes I got the lighters. She then said don't worry about explaining yourself, I deleted all ur contact info. What should I do if I want her back ASAP? someone... Anyone please help me. I still love her with all my heart and would give up endless amounts of everything to make her happy.

nick glendenning said...
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Anonymous said...

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